Newsletter Spring 2017

Budgets are Moral Documents

Lent began on March 1st. Lent marks the beginning of 40 days (minus Sundays) leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. The forty days symbolize Jesus’ fasting in the wilderness, enduring temptation as he prepared for his ministry. This year the Christian Holy week (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter) coincide with Passover. Maundy Thursday is the commemoration of Jesus’ last supper, the Passover meal with his disciples. The holiday of Passover commemorates God’s sparing of the children of Israel and their liberation from slavery.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, a reminder of our brokenness and our mortality. As someone who identifies myself as a Christian I found it ironic that the Trump Administration released its budget during Lent, a budget that seems a stark reminder of our country’s spiritual and moral mortality. (view entire newsletter)


Newsletter Summer 2016

Standing in the gap together

I’ve had a good deal of time these past two months to reflect on what it means to be a family. It is family, whether biological, created or chosen, that one often turns to in times of need, in times of sorrow, desperation or hopelessness. It is family we often turn to share our joys. Eight weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with advanced cancer; on May 15th her journey on this world ended. Throughout those weeks my family here at MUM offered their prayers and their support, and pitched in to help cover necessary meetings and projects so that I could devote my time to my biological family. What a gift — and I know a privilege

Also two months ago, a young mom of two who is homeless reached out to MUM asking for help.. (view entire newsletter)


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