MUM’s Returning Prisoner Simulation gives participants an “up close” view of what it’s like to come home from prison. It inserts participants into realistic scenarios and lifelike struggles that released prisoners are likely to encounter.

This workshop begins with an introduction to the principles of Restorative Justice and explains the basic needs of returning prisoners. Each participant receives a mock profile that describes the life of a former prisoner and they take on the role of that character during a brief role-play. They must complete fundamental life tasks, such as finding housing and a job, or simply cashing a check.
By incorporating the restorative practice of storytelling, the simulation opens a glimpse into the sense of overwhelming frustration that a newly-released prisoner may feel. Immediately after the role-play, a facilitated debriefing by the simulation Director allows participants to share their immediate reactions.

The simulation concludes with a panel of formerly incarcerated people who each share their own re-entry journey and then answer questions from participants. For details download the Simulation brochure here.

For more information and to schedule a Simulation workshop for your team, please contact Shawna Lutzow