Founded in 1971, Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM) has served as a prophetic voice for justice in our community for over four decades. MUM is private, 501 (c) 3 non-profit agency. As an interfaith organization we seek to live out the call across faith traditions to care for our brothers and sisters, to welcome the stranger, and to work for justice. At MUM we adhere to the words of theologian William Sloane Coffin “Charity yes, always, but never as a substitute for justice.”

MUM offers an array of direct services programs for individuals and families impacted by the criminal justice system, including prison reentry programming (since 1999), services for children who have an incarcerated parent (since 1999), community events designed to help people understand what it’s like to walk in the shoes of someone newly released from prison, jail and prison in-reach programming, and an on-site emergency food pantry. The men, women and children who walk through our doors help us understand what is going on in our community, the injustices, the inequalities and the struggles facing our neighbors. In short, our program participants help inform our advocacy, sharing real stories, struggles and issues with policy makers and empowering people who have been disenfranchised to find their voice in the public policy arena.

Part of our mission is to serve as an incubator and fiscal agent for innovative ideas and projects. Over our forty plus years we have helped develop some of the most creative and effective programs in Dane County (Project Home, all of the Madison Senior Coalitions, and many more). We currently serve as an incubator for a Homeless Cooperative newspaper, a neighborhood association and a statewide social justice advocacy organization.

Our work is made possible by the support, financial and volunteer contributions of thousands of individuals over our 40 year history. Our work is only possible because of this support and so we also say “thank you” to the visionaries who formed MUM and the people who have and continue to sustain and nurture us.