Madison-area Urban Ministry (MUM) is an interfaith social justice organization that serves as a prophetic voice for justice, spurring social change in and about Dane County for over forty years. MUM’s mission statement is “standing with the poor and hurting of Dane County, neighbors working together for social change.” MUM links congregations through our social justice advocacy and our direct service programs.

MUM is often a voice for faith communities and we serve as a conduit for information from community to faith communities. During our history, some of the most innovative and community building non-profits in the area were conceived and hatched by MUM. These including all of Madison’s Senior Coalitions, Project Home, the Allied Wellness Center, the Madison Community Health Center and Family Enhancement.

MUM’s guiding values include:

  • Helping frame issues for the community with compassion, mercy and justice;
  • Promoting interfaith cooperation and collaboration;
  • Convening and linking people of faith to engage in social action;
  • Asking the question, “are all people’s voices being heard?”
  • Promoting respectful and thoughtful dialogue;
  • Advocating with low-income people, individuals and families impacted by our criminal justice system, our neighbors who have been disenfranchised;
  • Emphasizing change in systems;
  • Charity and justice are inextricably linked.

MUM’s vision is for a community that not only alleviates the symptoms of injustice, but a community that actively and tirelessly works to alleviate the causes of injustice. Our vision is of a community that welcomes the stranger, that believes in forgiveness and redemption, in second chances, and need to confront head on the systemic injustices that lead to oppression and inequality.